Respectfully submitted by Marc Brown D.D.S.

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to work with Jim Kasper Associates for the appraisal and sale of my 20 year old dental practice.

Dave Kasper carefully appraised my practice in a very efficient manner. The results were explained to the point where I had extremely high confidence that we were asking the correct price.

Jason Anderson then worked with me to show the practice only to qualified candidates; we had an offer for the practice at full price within a short period of time.

In any transaction of this size, especially one that you have put your professional life’s work into, there are plenty of questions and trepidation. During the entire process, I always felt as if Jason and Dave were ready and available to answer any of my questions, at any time.

I was thrilled to be able to work with people as professional as Dave and Jason. This group knows and respects the importance of your practice. I would highly recommend using Jim Kasper Associates for advice and consultation on your important practice decisions. “