When I made the decision to transition my practice, I immediately thought of Jim Kasper and Associates to do a practice valuation and advise me on the transition. I found Dave Kasper to be very similar to his father (Jim): knowledgeable, relaxed, focused, and 100% attentive to my needs and desires. Dave was very concerned that the transition of the practice was consistent with both my personal and professional long term goals. At this point Dave called in his associate Jason Anderson to steer the transition. Within one week we identified several buyers and we had a deal signed for more than asking price within the next week. The attention to my needs and the needs of my practice, patients and staff was important to Dave and Jason. In all, my experience with Dave and Jason at Jim Kasper Associates was extraordinary. I would encourage anyone interested in transitioning their dental practice or entering the dental work force to contact Jim Kasper and Associates to learn more about their options moving forward. Bill Gagnon, DMD

William Gagnon, DMD

I would like to express my appreciation to Jim Kasper and Associates for overseeing my practice transition.  Jason handled all aspects of selling my practice and was fantastic to work with.  He took the time to get to know me, was attentive and communicated with me regularly, which was important because I was commuting from out of state for well over a year.  And although it took longer than I originally thought, patience and persistence paid off.  My practice was located in a small town in the Lakes Region and Jason knew I really wanted a buyer that would be as invested in his or her community as I had been for the past 30 years.  I really wanted the person to be a “good fit”.  I couldn’t be more pleased with the ideal candidate being matched with my practice, which assisted in a smooth and pleasant transition for all parties involved, including staff and patients. 

George Gaillardetz, DMD

My experience with Jim Kasper Associates was truly exceptional. I was referred to this group for the appraisal and ultimate sale of my practice by several practitioners in the Manchester/Bedford area. They universally spoke so highly of their experience with the Kasper Group. As I wind down my career, I feel fortunate to have been introduced to Sarah, Jason, and Diane. They facilitated the very difficult task of letting go of my practice in a graceful fashion. This was certainly not easy for me as I took immense pride in my clinical endeavors. My staff has all stayed on through the transition and I’ve been able to bow out in an appropriate and timely fashion. All of the nuances involved in this process were made much easier by Jason’s exceptional organizational and people skills. Thanks to The Kasper Group, my experience was extremely positive and I can now begin a new chapter in my life with a smile. They could not have filled my needs any better. Truly!

Stuart Cunningham, DDS, Concord, NH

I am compelled to write a letter of sincere gratitude for your services during my recent dental practice transition. Just as my practice reflected a personal level of commitment to patients, your firm made me feel confident in the professional, yet very personal approach to the practice evaluation, marketing and sale.   I especially commend the outstanding achievement of Jason Anderson, who from my vantage is the face of your firm. He was genuine, efficient, found the correct match for the practice and provided the steady hand as the sale came to fruition. The single best communicator I've had the pleasure to do business with in a long time.  

Michael Truscott, DMD

Jim Kasper Associate's in-depth knowledge of dental practice transitions and effective communications made for a smooth transfer of my dental practice.

Mark Mitchell, DDS, Walden, NY

I had the privilege of working with Jim Kasper Associates in one of the most challenging yet exciting endeavors of my life. (Their) knowledge, hardwork, and geniune care and concern were integral to the success of a practice transition that brought a retiring dentist into a well deserved retirement and the dream of a new dentist into a reality. The questions and uncertainty that might be expected in this process were easily answered by Jason and his firm. Their dedication and abundance of well organized documents relating to practice transitions assured that each step along this process went smoothly and without any confusion. Jason was committed along every step which was evident in his availability and willingness to discuss or work for the transition as necessary. I was most impressed by his honesty and care for the success of all parties involved in the transition. He genuinely worked toward meeting our goals and assuring we began our practice owernership on a solid foundation. I fully recommend Jim Kasper Associates to guide you through this important part of your career and am confident it would be a pleasure to work with him again! Thanks!

Thomas Mulroy, DMD

The team at Jim Kasper Associates was immediately responsive and spent a great deal of time finding out what my needs were in selling my practice and real estate. I appreciate that they were always right there with me...

Rachel Anne Day, DDS, Westborough, MA

Jim Kasper Associates experience and vast resources came into play and were key in making a smooth transition under the complicated circumstances surrounding the sale of my practice.

Jack Dorkhom, DMD, Northborough, MA

The guidance I received coupled with timely responses to my requests made for a smooth transition. Jim Kasper Associates was there for me in the sale of my practice from start to finish. "

Jay Wagner, DDS, Jefferson Valley, NY

Jim Kasper Associates used their years of experience to make my transition a smooth and effortless process...I would strongly recommend (them) to transition you to your new life."

Edward Michalowski, DMD, Holden, MA

Jim Kasper Associates are GREAT! They have a wonderful personality, good work ethic and are well versed in the dental market. They managed to get our deal closed with speed and determination. I would and will work with them again in the future. They come highly recommended from my team.

Chris Theodorou, DMD

Earlier this year, I had the opportunity to work with Jim Kasper Associates for the appraisal and sale of my 20 year old dental practice. Dave Kasper carefully appraised my practice in a very efficient manner. The results were explained to the point where I had extremely high confidence that we were asking the correct price. Jason Anderson then worked with me to show the practice only to qualified candidates; we had an offer for the practice at full price within a short period of time. In any transaction of this size, especially one that you have put your professional life’s work into, there are plenty of questions and trepidation. During the entire process, I always felt as if Jason and Dave were ready and available to answer any of my questions, at any time. I was thrilled to be able to work with people as professional as Dave and Jason. This group knows and respects the importance of your practice. I would highly recommend using Jim Kasper Associates for advice and consultation on your important practice decisions. "

Respectfully submitted by Marc Brown D.D.S.

Jim Kasper Associates was a guiding light during my simultaneous practice transition (selling in Long Island and purchasing in New England). Without the expertise of Jason and the the team at JKA, along with their personal touch, the experience would have been much more difficult. I recommend Jason and Kasper Associates without any hesitation.

Bryan Hoertdoerfer, DMD
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