The communities in which you have practiced dentistry have benefited over the years from your knowledge, wisdom and clinical skills.

You have worked hard building your practice and perhaps now you are considering selling your practice.

Like thousands of your peers before you, you may have questions, perhaps some anxiety. We are ready to have a confidential conversation with you about your ideas and plans. We look forward to answering the questions you have about the process of achieving freedom from ownership.

All of us at Jim Kasper Associates honor the work you have accomplished and are here to help you achieve your goals, when you are ready.

Some common questions practice owners ask when they first speak with us:

  • Can I be involved in clinical dentistry after I sell my practice?
  • What is my practice worth?
  • In terms of the process, what should I expect once I decide to sell my practice?
  • When do I tell my staff?
  • I want to continue practicing but don’t want the management aspects any longer, is this possible?
  • How long will it take to sell my practice?
  • I may want to sell in a few years, can I speak with a broker now?

Send us a request to initiate a confidential conversation and to inquire what the process is like. At the same time, we will send you a copy of our latest publication with our compliments: Freedom From Ownership A Transitioning Your Practice With Confidence.

The book reviews topics such as:

  • Obtaining a higher practice value
  • Investor buyers
  • Protecting the value of your practice and retirement savings
  • Plus much more!


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A Word On Confidentiality

Your plans, whatever they may be, are yours alone. As We consider it a privilege when our clients trust us enough to share their ideas and ask for our guidance and ultimately retain our services. As Confidentiality is extremely important to us. As Every person interested in purchasing a practice must sign a confidentiality agreement before they see any specific, detailed information about a practice that is available for purchase.

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Achieving Freedom From Ownership – A Guide For Sellers
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Profitable Practice – A Book For Current And Future Owners
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